Funniest Bernie Sanders Mitten Music Memes

Bernie Sanders mitten meme mania took over the internet after the 2021 inauguration ceremony where the Vermont senator wore a large pair of hand made mittens, an overcoat, and a mask askew while socially distanced against a Photoshop friendly white background. The web quickly exploded with clever memes that made people roar with laughter.We've collected... Read more

Hall & Oates Hotline Offers Callers Emergency Help

Have you ever found yourself needing to hear a Hall & Oates song right now!? I know you have, and you're in luck.In an age where we consume music through streaming services by something as simple as a voice request, it's pleasantly funny to find a throwback method of sorts with a novelty factor thrown... Read more

Looks good to me

30+ Musician Memes For 2020 That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Musicians and performers have been hit especially hard. The Covid-19 pandemic has shut most of the entertainment industry, and as of late October, not much has changed.We will get beyond this eventually, but for now some are struggling day-to-day. In the meantime, we need some things to... Read more

New Study Finds Most Live Streaming Musicians Aren’t Wearing Pants

When the worldwide stay-at-home recommendations went into place, many musicians who lost gigs turned to live streaming. Players found it to be the easiest way to still reach their fan base. Local guitarist Richard Dangles took to the medium right away. He quickly found that he could still perform while not having to concern himself... Read more

Guitarist Shocked When Band Doesn’t Notice His New Axe

Jerry Davis of local cover band Dizzy Dirty hadn't purchased a new guitar in a long time. For years he had been alternating between his prized Squire and an old Gibson SG that he inherited from his uncle."Both of those guitars are beat to shit," Davis explains. "I've been wanting to get a new axe... Read more

“Arms Folded Guy” Pissed That Band Doesn’t Notice Him

Chad had heard that local cover band "Stop That Pigeon" was playing at The Sock Hole — a popular weekend nightclub for live entertainment — but wasn't all that psyched about seeing them. "Well, I went to high school with a couple of those guys years ago," Chad recalled. "I didn't really know them, though. I... Read more