Top 8 Van Halen Tribute Bands

The tragic passing of guitar legend Eddie Van Halen has left a serious void in the music world. Many consider him to be the best there ever was, and few could argue. It's inevitable that all or our heroes will eventually be gone, but this one hurts.Van Halen was quite possibly the epitome of arena... Read more

Improve Your Musical Experience By Simply Thinking the Right Thoughts

Thoughts are powerful.They are the genesis of everything that exists. Nothing is this world has ever been created without a thought preceding it. Consider everything that has ever happened to you in your musical life. Before you picked up that instrument, you thought about it. Before you joined a band, you had an idea of what... Read more

Rockbox – Cover Band Central “Spotlight Artist of the Month” – October 2018

When people visit New Orleans, they expect to be exposed to the iconic cultural music for which the city is famous. The Big Easy is well-known as the birthplace of jazz – and has also been heavily influenced by zydeco and delta blues.What’s not commonly known, however, is that there is a thriving community of... Read more

Triggerproof – Cover Band Central “Spotlight Artist of the Month” – September 2018

To kick off our Spotlight feature on the new site, we’re headed to Biloxi, Mississippi to check out Triggerproof – a six-piece party band who work tirelessly on the Gulf Coast. Our goal here is to feature bands that are doing everything right – and this group checks off ALL of the boxes.One of the... Read more

6 Benefits of Working as a Freelance Musician

When I first started playing music, and for the first half of my music career that followed, I generally just played in one band at a time. Back then it was all about trying to "make it" in the music business with lofty dreams of becoming a rock star. But then at the turn of... Read more

Why Cover Bands and Musicians are More Important than Ever

As I type this, the world just learned yesterday that we lost yet another music icon...the incomparable Chris Cornell.As with when anyone else passes away, people all over the globe are celebrating his life and music. We're sure to see tributes to follow where well-known living artists will cover songs from his rich catalog of... Read more