RipX App Makes Creating Backing Tracks Easy

In the world of cover bands and artists, musicians quite often find themselves needing additional instruments on stage when they don't have enough players to handle all of the parts. Backing tracks are widely used in the gigging arena, but programs have been difficult to learn or use, are often unreliable, and can be very... Read more

John Paul Jones Covers Led Zeppelin For a Good Cause

Musicians have never been afraid to address social concerns through song. There is a long list of past and current performers who have taken a stand on issues such as politics and climate change. The latest to pop up is this cover of Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" featuring over a dozen musical contributors.... Read more

Whatever It Takes — A Musician’s Journey Through the Storm

The following was originally written in 2000—a year after the actual event. It was first penned as a series of e-mails to a friend, and then later compiled as a story. It has since been edited for continuity, but the spirit remains intact. This occurred over the course of one evening. Like most working musicians,... Read more

Jeopardy!™ Gives Tribute Bands Massive Exposure…Again!

Back in December of 2018 when Alex Trebek was still manning the podium, Jeopardy!™ included a category titled "Their Tribute Band" which featured clues about real-life tribute bands, and the contestants had to figure out the artist being honored.The unstoppable game show will often repeat categories, but they are usually general ones like Geography, Actors... Read more

8 Things I’ve Learned as a Full-Time Cover Band Musician

(This article was originally published on Spinditty in January 2017. It has been edited here to reflect the current time passed.)I've been playing in cover bands ever since I started learning an instrument nearly 40 years ago. There have been over forty different cover bands in which I was either a member or a frequent... Read more