Video of the Week: “Rosanna” Toto Cover by Child’s Anthem—09/14/20

2020's quarantine/lockdown time has brought out some of the best in people—especially the creative types. Many artists have taken to live streaming to pass the time and stay connected with fans. Others have collaborated from a safe distance to construct a recorded video to display their talents. One such band is Child's Anthem.Based out of... Read more

Facebook Clears Up Confusion Around October Update and Music Guidelines for Live Streaming

During the last week or so, musicians all over the internet have been in a panic when news got around that Facebook's music guidelines were changing on October 1st, and nobody would be allowed to live stream their shows or post music videos without risking their videos being removed or their accounts being deleted.. Thankfully,... Read more

Dark Times For Musicians As Facebook’s Newest Music Guidelines Clamp Down on Videos and Live Streams

Oh...hey, 2020. You're still here? Seems like you've been hanging around for years. We should have known that starting January off with the death of one of the greatest rock drummers to ever sit behind a kit—Rush's "Professor" Neil Peart—that we were in for a rough ride. But nobody ever expected the struggles that would... Read more

Video of the Week: “What’s Going On” Marvin Gaye Cover by Emily Elbert – 06/01/20

We're all experiencing a tumultuous time in history where every day seems to bring more turmoil and chaos to our everyday lives. With the coronavirus having introduced us to a new way of day-to-day living, and the recent civil unrest due to unnecessary violence, people all over the globe are faced with new challenges.We try... Read more

The CBC Wizdumb Hour #94 – Dusting Off the Tapes

It's week six of quarantine, but that's not leaving any shortage of wizdumb to discuss.!This time around, Steve and Tony talk about the joy of looking back at old recordings, remind each other and you to be grateful, and extol the values of a hot tub.All this and more on episode ninety-four! Time Stamps:01:54 -... Read more

New Study Finds Most Live Streaming Musicians Aren’t Wearing Pants

When the worldwide stay-at-home recommendations went into place, many musicians who lost gigs turned to live streaming. Players found it to be the easiest way to still reach their fan base. Local guitarist Richard Dangles took to the medium right away. He quickly found that he could still perform while not having to concern himself... Read more

The CBC Wizdumb Hour #93 – Build Like Birds

This week Steve and Tony are starting to feel the effects of being sheltered in place as things get a little goofy. With little to no gigging activity, the guys delve into what's keeping them going during this crazy time. And as always, there's plenty of wizdumb abound!00:50 - Calendorically02:45 - Bigfoot07:30 - Time flies09:15... Read more

What’s Next For Gigging Musicians?

Sirens wailed and lights flashed as a string of seven or eight police cars paraded slowly up Bourbon Street. I couldn't hear what the cops were informing the Saturday night revelers due to the fact that my band was on stage blasting through a song. But this was unusual. The only time the authorities create... Read more