Dude Requests Song From Cover Band Minutes After It Was Played

Kyle was the last one to show up at the club to reunite with “the gang.”

“Let’s get some shots!”

As the band was tearing through covers of classic rock from the 60s through the 90s, Kyle and company were reminiscing about the good ‘ol days.

“Man, we used to get LIT back in school,” frat brother Jack blurted. “Remember when we would write computer code all night and pound cappuccinos? Good times!”

“Yeah,” replied Kyle. “But now we can drink real drinks at a real bar. Let’s get more shots!”

As the alcohol flowed, the fellas started scoping out the room for available ladies. Although everyone in the group of guys was single and had little to no experience with women, Kyle sought out the advice of his mates.

“Yo, do you think that girl is cute?” Kyle asked, gesturing towards a petite brunette who was dancing with her two girlfriends.

“Yeah, man,” affirmed Frank, Kyle’s brother from another mother. “Go talk to her or dance with her or something.”

“Heck, man…I don’t know what to say,” Kyle admitted.

“Just go over there!”

Frank shoved Kyle towards the center of the dance floor, almost causing him to drop his Coors Light.

“Hi!” Kyle shouted over the band cranking out Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin‘ on stage. “I’m Kyle. What’s your name?”

The young lady stood about 5’5″ and was wearing all white…accentuated by her short shorts and midriff-bearing crop top.

“I’m Victoria! Wooooooo!”

When the song ended, Kyle was able to work on his game.

“So…what brings you here? Me and my friends went to college together and we haven’t seen each other in, like, a few years and it’s my buddy’s birthday next week and we’re just out cutting loose, y’know, and…it’s Victoria, right?”

“Yeahh. Wooooohooooo!” blared Victoria with arms in the air.

“Cool…so can I buy you a drink?” Kyle asked.

Victoria shook her head—and with a wry smile held up her full cosmo.

“Oh…okay, yeah…you got one, duh” Kyle hung his head low for a second, but then picked himself right back up. “How about I get the band to play a song for you. Who do you like?”

“Journeyyyy,” Victoria slurred.

As the band was ending “Jessie’s Girl,” Kyle strutted up towards the stage and addressed the singer.

“Can you guys play that song…y’know, Just a small town girl?”

“We literally just played it,” replied vocalist Max Madden. “You got anything else?”

“Ummm shit…no. I’m trying to hook up with this chick. Any other Journey?”

“Nah, man. That’s all we know.”

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