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Steve Witschel, a seasoned musician with a rich legacy spanning four decades, established Cover Band Central in 2013. As the most active group for musicians on Facebook, Cover Band Central has swiftly grown into a global phenomenon, fostering collaboration, inspiration, and imagination.

With a commitment to excellence, creativity, and community building, Cover Band Central remains at the forefront of the online music scene, enriching the lives of its members and contributing to the enduring legacy of cover band culture.



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Famous Musicians Who Have Covered “Mustang Sally”

Famous Musicians Who Have Covered “Mustang Sally”

Few songs elicit more of a groan from cover band musicians more than "Mustang Sally." It has been played to death for decades at bars, pubs, weddings and more. Much to musician's dismay though, people still seem to love it and request it often. Funny enough, the...

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