New Study Finds Most Live Streaming Musicians Aren’t Wearing Pants

When the worldwide stay-at-home recommendations went into place, many musicians who lost gigs turned to live streaming. Players found it to be the easiest way to still reach their fan base.

Local guitarist Richard Dangles took to the medium right away. He quickly found that he could still perform while not having to concern himself with the proper stage attire.

“At first I was dressing up like I would for the gig. Y’know, jeans with strategically placed holes and my signature black t-shirt,” Dangles recalls.

“But once I started to get comfortable with the live audience, I realized that they didn’t care what I wore. Heck, nobody could even see below my belt! So I started to get more loosey-goosey with my choice of clothing.”

Dangles isn’t the only one who has shed the standard acceptable coverings for the internet. County singer Missy Trouser has kicked off her heels and hung up her short skirts for a more relaxed option.

“I would never be caught dead in my Hello Kitty pajama bottoms in public. But I’m home, right? Nobody can see me down there. I mean, they can’t, right?”

In fact, a recent survey of 815 live-streaming musicians found that most performers like to be comfy-cozy down under. While ten percent of participants still don standard clothing, the remaining ninety percent opt for more casual wear.

“Just for my own amusement I like to mix it up,” chuckles Dangles. “But I never let the audience in on it. It’s like my fun little secret.”

The informal survey breaks down what choices musicians are making, and the results are stunning. Perhaps it’s the exciting thrill people get from broadcasting in their skivvies, or maybe folks are just lazy. Either way, here’s how it shakes out:

  • 10% – Jeans/Skirt
  • 42% – Pajama bottoms
  • 23% – Boxers
  • 15% – Briefs
  • 8% – Bathing suit
  • 2% – Commando

While some think it’s risky to reveal their naughties to the masses, most players aren’t worried.

“The only time it gets scary is when my cat pounces on my lap,” reveals Dangles. “Mittens doesn’t have her claws cut. So when she leaps on me out of nowhere I sometimes get startled and jump up. Lucky for me that’s never happened when I’ve been wearing my Batman underwear.”

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