Local Cover Band Advertising Gig in Random Facebook Groups Surprised that Nobody Showed Up

"Fuck!" exclaimed Lance Alot, singer of mediocre local bar band Dangling Duty."I know I shared this event with at least a dozen Facebook Groups! Why isn't anybody here?"The band had been preparing for months for this show - getting together two-and-a-half times to rehearse."Well, it would have been a full three times, but (rhythm guitar... Read more

Marketing Bootcamp – Branding Your Band

Everyone claims to be a Marketer. And they are right. We are all “marketing” ourselves everyday whether it’s our job performance to our employer, our worthiness to our spouses, our opinions on social media, or why you should come see my band play Friday night. We are all trying to influence each other in one... Read more

Why We Don’t Allow Event Invites in the Cover Band Central Facebook Group

If you've spent any time whatsoever in the wildly popular Cover Band Central Facebook Group, you'll know that dozens of people every day post something about their upcoming event — usually a band performance.While I applaud people for trying to get the word out to get fans to come to their show, there are several... Read more

Top ’90s Rock Songs Every Rock Cover Band Musician Should Know

The 1990s were a time of major change in the world of popular rock music, unlike any that had been seen before—or since. The excess and showmanship of the '80s had grown tired, and a new paradigm emerged, temporarily obliterating every hair-metal and glam-rock band.The generation that grew up in that decade has now reached... Read more

5 Essential Social Media Tips for Musicians

If you play music either as a profession or just as a hobby, it's imperative to create and maintain an online presence.In these times, there is no easier way to get yourself out there, connect with the right people, and develop a rapport with industry folks and fans alike than by properly using social media.Below... Read more

5 Reasons Why Musicians Should Be Using Facebook Live Right Now

Unless you’ve been living completely off the grid for the last six months, you know that internet behemoth Facebook launched its Live function for all to use anytime they choose. The social media leader is aggressively promoting this feature through numerous television ads that encourage the everyday person to invite the world into their unfiltered,... Read more

10 Tips for Playing a Cover Song

Although I've never counted, I can guess with confidence that I've learned and played well over a thousand different cover songs in my career.I have a specific system that has developed over time that has proven effective for me in maintaining a career as a professional musician.Master the fundamentals below and you'll be able to... Read more

Common Mistakes Musicians Make With YouTube Videos…and How To Fix Them

You Tube is the third most popular website in the world, and the fourth most popular in the United States, behind only Amazon (3), Facebook (2), and Google at the top slot – according to Alexa.com. More than 1 billion unique users visit You Tube every month. One billion. Every month. So yeah, it’s very popular…and it’s here... Read more