Hall & Oates Hotline Offers Callers Emergency Help

Have you ever found yourself needing to hear a Hall & Oates song right now!? I know you have, and you’re in luck.

In an age where we consume music through streaming services by something as simple as a voice request, it’s pleasantly funny to find a throwback method of sorts with a novelty factor thrown in.

A Colorado Springs phone number has been set up to give you a quick Hall & Oates fix. You only have 4 songs to choose from, and you’d better be quick because the impatient female operator will punish your indecision with a swift disconnect.

“Welcome to Call & Oates, your emergency Hall & Oates help line” greets the computerized voice. 

To hear “One on One,” please press 1

To hear ”Rich Girl,” please press 2

To hear “Maneater,” please press 3

To hear “Private Eyes,” please press 4

Those are your only choices, so it helps if you like at least one of those songs. If you like more than one, you can call back and choose again.

There’s nothing else to this than that. There’s no selling, no promotions…nothing but some songs to listen to in a pinch. If you have nowhere else to turn, the Hall & Oates Emergency Help Line number is (719) 266-2837.

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