“Bridge Over Troubled Water” Simon & Garfunkel cover by James Peach—Video of the Week 01/10/22

We're always on the lookout for something new and different here at CBC, and fortunately for us this showed up in our inbox. Our interest was piqued when the sender stated that this cover was performed all acapella by him alone. Then we watched the video, and confirmed that it was worthy of Video of... Read more

“Going To California” Led Zeppelin Cover by Pino Farina – Video of the Week 05/03/21

There's something more genuine about music played by a single person with just a guitar and vocal. Without drums, bass, keys, and loud volume, there's nowhere to hide. Every note needs to be played and sung with care.We came across our selection this week though not because of this video, but rather, a live stream... Read more

“Come Together” The Beatles Cover by Sershen & Zaritskaya — Video of the Week 03/29/21

If you're a YouTube junkie like me, you'll notice that there are more and more collaborations popping up. Musicians (and other artistic types) are hooking up with fellow creators with the video version of joint venture partnerships in order to expand their audience...and to simply have fun.Back in December of 2020 we featured a young... Read more

“Tennessee Whiskey” Chris Stapleton/David Allan Coe Guitar Cover by 9-year old Taj Farrant — Video of the Week 03/22/21

"These kids today don't understand real music." This is a claim that gets parroted often in the Cover Band Central Facebook Group, and elsewhere in the world of music purists. Part of CBC's mission is to debunk that myth, while also attempting to inspire said younger generation. Gone are the days where children playing instruments... Read more

“Crazy” Gnarls Barkley Cover by IMY2 — Video of the Week 03/08/21

For those of you who follow along with the artists that we support, you'll notice that we like to focus on the up-and-comers quite often. In many cases, it includes the younger generation who have taken advantage of the multitude of opportunities available for musicians in the digital age.Websites such as YouTube and Facebook, and... Read more

“Jane” Jefferson Starship Cover by Dino Jelusick featuring Mike Portnoy – Video of the Week 03/01/21

Each week I scour the web for a video to feature, and sometimes it's a long process. But sometimes, a friend will send me a video that blows me away. That happened this week.For decades now, when things shift in the music business, you'll hear the cry of rock being dead. It's happened over and... Read more