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Top 10 Accessories Every Musician Should Have

A lot has been written about the different instruments we play, the hardware, effects, and even software. Most musicians read these articles like they did as a kid with the Christmas edition of the Sears catalog. And it’s easy to waste an entire evening reading about...

“Arms Folded Guy” Pissed That Band Doesn’t Notice Him

Chad had heard that local cover band "Stop That Pigeon" was playing at The Sock Hole — a popular weekend nightclub for live entertainment — but wasn't all that psyched about seeing them. "Well, I went to high school with a couple of those guys years ago," Chad...

Get 'Em to the Show—How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm and Successfully Promote Your Gigs Online

Tired of scratching your head over Facebook’s mysteries? Frustrated by the lack of response when promoting your shows? The solution is here, and it’s time to take action!

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