Improve Your Musical Experience By Simply Thinking the Right Thoughts

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Opinion

Thoughts are powerful.

They are the genesis of everything that exists. Nothing is this world has ever been created without a thought preceding it.

Consider everything that has ever happened to you in your musical life. Before you picked up that instrument, you thought about it. Before you joined a band, you had an idea of what it would be like. The list is endless.

The amazing thing about thought is that we have control over it. We get to choose our thoughts every minute of every day. With that incredible gift, we can choose the best thoughts that serve us simply by deciding to do so.

Our friends at Play in the Zone took this idea to heart with this article by breaking down simple steps that you can take as a musician to capitalize on this knowledge:

“Music requires great skill. There’s no getting round the fact that it takes long hours of practice to hone your craft.

But music also needs confidence and focus.

I’m not going to claim that changing your thinking will magically transform you into one of the all-time greats. If your technique is flawed, then it’s still going to hold you back.

But technique is only half the story if you want to (click to read the full article)”

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  1. You get to wear sunglasses indoors without anyone questioning your sanity.
  2. Your office attire consists of leather jackets and ripped jeans.
  3. The only deadlines you have are for getting to the gig on time, and even that’s a stretch.
  4. Your job perks include free drinks, adoring fans, and the occasional hotel room trashing.

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