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Top 10 Reasons Why Bass Players Rule

Top 10 Reasons Why Bass Players Rule

Every stereo ever made has an option to adjust the bass. There's no guitar knob. You won't find a way to make the drums louder. The singer's output is set and out of your control. But the can turn up the bass. Nobody turns it down. It takes a special kind...

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The CBC Wizdumb Hour #93 – Build Like Birds

This week Steve and Tony are starting to feel the effects of being sheltered in place as things get a little goofy. With little to no gigging activity, the guys delve into what's keeping them going during this crazy time. And as always, there's plenty of wizdumb...

What’s Next For Gigging Musicians?

Sirens wailed and lights flashed as a string of seven or eight police cars paraded slowly up Bourbon Street. I couldn't hear what the cops were informing the Saturday night revelers due to the fact that my band was on stage blasting through a song. But this was...

Guitarist Shocked When Band Doesn’t Notice His New Axe

Jerry Davis of local cover band Dizzy Dirty hadn't purchased a new guitar in a long time. For years he had been alternating between his prized Squire and an old Gibson SG that he inherited from his uncle. "Both of those guitars are beat to shit," Davis explains. "I've...

Get 'Em to the Show—How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm and Successfully Promote Your Gigs Online

Tired of scratching your head over Facebook’s mysteries? Frustrated by the lack of response when promoting your shows? The solution is here, and it’s time to take action!

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