“Seven Nation Army” The White Stripes cover by Yubaba—Video of the Week 01/17/22

There have been times when a cover of a song ends up being better than the original. In my travels and my years with CBC, I’ve come across it occasionally, but not too often. Each time, however, it lights me up. A familiar tune is interpreted in a whole new way, and I find an enhanced appreciation for the writer’s original intent. Such is the case this week with a stunning cover from a band called Yubaba.

I’ve never been a huge fan of this song. I like it, but watching Atlanta Braves games and hearing the crowd drone the bass line in unison when the house organist pumps it through the speakers every other batter had ruined it for me. Until now.

Yubaba is a 6-piece band from the U.K. who specialize in twisting modern tracks with funk and soul. The band only has a handful of videos online, but each one showcases the group’s extreme talent.

This band kicks ass. The keyboard player sent me this video recently, and it’s what inspired me to bring back this feature. You’ll know right after you hit play that this a group of pros. The video quality alone before you hear the vocals is a dead giveaway.

But the vocals. Holy moly. This girl can sing. I mean…she can saaang. Upon a little further digging I discovered her as a huge Amy Winehouse fan, and you can definitely hear that influence. But singer Jess Beatson (or Moozic…depending on where you follow her) does her own thing. This woman exudes the confidence and control of any top female vocalist out there, yet maintains her own style.

I could keep gushing about how much I love this girl’s voice, but instead I’ll just encourage you to check out the rest of the band’s videos on YouTube, and if you want to dive deeper, she’s got some incredible duets on TikTok.

But let’s talk about this band. These are top notch players. Every musician shines in this video and every other video I’ve seen. The drummer’s choice of a calypso beat is the first thing you’ll notice, and also what makes this song groove throughout. The bongos, rock solid bass line, colorful guitar, brilliant keyboards and lead sax warrant a few listens just to take in all of the beauty of this performance.

I know…enough already. Let’s get to the video. This is a cover of the The White Stripes hit “Seven Nation Army” performed by the band Yubaba. This clip only has a few thousand views, yet deserves a few million. Watch it and then share the shit out of this. This band deserves exposure to the masses.

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