“Going To California” Led Zeppelin Cover by Pino Farina – Video of the Week 05/03/21

There’s something more genuine about music played by a single person with just a guitar and vocal. Without drums, bass, keys, and loud volume, there’s nowhere to hide. Every note needs to be played and sung with care.

We came across our selection this week though not because of this video, but rather, a live stream that was posted in the Cover Band Central Group last week. The performance was a mix of originals and covers that were performed flawlessly—the latter of which were refreshing unique takes on familiar songs. One thing in particular stood out during the live stream…the singer has some serious pipes. After combing through his YouTube channel, we decided on this gem to feature from Pino Farina.

The Pino Farina band is comprised of top notch players. You can check out the aforementioned live stream on the band’s Facebook Page, which includes a fantastic cover of the Black Puma’s recent hit “Colors,” Audioslave’s “Like A Stone,” and a super cool jammy version of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It.”

There are several great cover songs that Farina has performed on his channel, but we chose this one for its rawness factor. Also, it’s not an easy feat to hit Robert Plant’s range, especially in a stripped down version.

Sitting outside with the light breeze in the background, this is a lovely version of the mighty Led Zeppelin’s “Going To California” performed by Farina alone. Check out the clip below, and be sure to check out the full band as well.

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