“Come Together” The Beatles Cover by Sershen & Zaritskaya — Video of the Week 03/29/21

If you’re a YouTube junkie like me, you’ll notice that there are more and more collaborations popping up. Musicians (and other artistic types) are hooking up with fellow creators with the video version of joint venture partnerships in order to expand their audience…and to simply have fun.

Back in December of 2020 we featured a young band known as First To Eleven with their take on a modern Christmas classic. We’ve since been glued to their channel as they produce a new clip every week without fail. This week’s entry was a collab with an amazing duo from the Ukraine, so we just had to investigate further.

With just under 40 videos on their channel, Sershen and Zaritskaya have managed to collect over a half million subscribers in the span of 7 years. Those few dozen clips have garnered nearly 100 million views. That’s vey impressive, and you’ll soon see why.

With Sergey Sershen on guitars and Daria Zaritskaya on vocals. the pair have mostly tackled hard rock covers, with a few modern pop twists thrown in. From Nirvana to Lady Gaga, the duo have shown a lot of versatility.

These aren’t your typical covers. S&Z rock-ify every song…and they do it with force. These two aren’t messing around. Their take on The Bee Gees #1 hit “Staying Alive” is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. And young Daria shreds AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” like Brian Johnson never could.

In addition to a fantastic song selection and superior musicianship, what really stands out is the quality of video production. These clips make early MTV videos look like child’s play. The younger generation is taking full advantage of technology to create stunning visuals…and it’s nothing short of thrilling.

There are probably tens of thousands of Beatles covers on the interweb. Several years ago when itunes first released the Fab Four’s catalog, “Come Together” was the clear winner in downloads. So it’s a smart move for any artist to take a stab at their own version. 

Sershen and Zaritskaya rock the fu*k out of this. With the full band adopting a Soundgarden/Shinedown feel and sound, and Daria writhing on the floor and on a motorcycle clad in tight leather, they are not faking anything. Watch the clip below, and then share with your fellow headbangers on the internet.

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