“Jane” Jefferson Starship Cover by Dino Jelusick featuring Mike Portnoy – Video of the Week 03/01/21

Each week I scour the web for a video to feature, and sometimes it’s a long process. But sometimes, a friend will send me a video that blows me away. That happened this week.

For decades now, when things shift in the music business, you’ll hear the cry of rock being dead. It’s happened over and over again, and it never turns out to be true. Why?  Because there’s always a new generation that discovers the music that their parents loved. There’s also the limitless availability of previous recordings that any young music lover can explore, and subsequently be influenced by.

Our VOTW features a 28 year old singer from Croatia who has already made waves in he rock world. His original project Animal Drive was formed nearly a decade ago, but it’s his collaborations that have made music fans sit up and take notice.

In just the last few years, Dino Jelusick has worked with George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch Mob) in a project known as Dirty Shirley, toured with progressive rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and recorded some blistering cover songs.

It’s hard to remember when a young rock singer has emerged that is as good as Jelusick. His range is insane; he covers such rock heavyweights as the late Ray Gillen (Badlands) and Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) with ease.

But it’s this clip that got our attention. With the help of Whitesnake and TSO guitarist Joel Hoekstra, and Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, Jelusick handles the bass, keyboards and vocals on a cover of Jefferson Starship’s 1979 hit “Jane” and delivers a performance of this song like you’ve never heard before. 

Before you watch this clip below, prepare to have your face melted and your head shaved. This dude is a rock star in the making. Watch now…and share after.

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