“Dreams” Van Halen Cover By Brody Dolyniuk—Video of the Week 01/25/21

It’s super impressive when a band can get together and play live or record and produce a solid track where everyone is in sync. It’s even more impressive, though, when one person can cover ALL of the parts by themself and stitch together an entertaining video that showcases a serious talent.

There are prodigies in the music world. We all have played with one…or at least known one. These are the guys (or gals) who know how to play every instrument, know the key of every song, have a warehouse of instruments, and most importantly, live for the music.

Since it’s Eddie Van Halen’s birthday week, I went searching for a good VH cover. I spent a good amount of time scrolling through YouTube and watching clip after clip. Then I came upon a gem.

Years ago after I first started CBC, a friend (IRL) suggested I send a friend request to a guy who was doing some great things with covers on the west coast. I did, and he accepted. So when I recognized his name doing a Van Halen cover on YT, I knew I had to give it a chance…and I’m glad I did.

Our Video of the Week is an amazing cover of Van Halen’s “Dreams” by Brody Dolyniuk.

Brody Dolyniuk

Billed as a “One Man Band,” for this clip, Dolyniuk covers every instrument with perfect proficiency. The video bounces around to Brody on keys, guitar, bass, and drums…all wearing the same shirt! But what clearly stands out for this song are his impeccable vocals.

Although his YouTube Channel contains just under three dozen videos, Dolyniuk has a boatload of professional work under his belt. Beginning as a vocalist for an Elton John tribute act in Las Vegas, Dolyniuk went on to cover such mega-stars as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Who, Rolling Stones, U2, and Journey. 

There’s so much more to dig into with this talent, but you can check out more on his website, follow him on Facebook, or subscribe to his YouTube channel. For now, watch the video below where Brody owns this song.

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