“Three Little Birds” Bob Marley Cover by T Sisters—Video of the Week 02/01/21

We have to admit, we’re suckers for girls who can sing really well. We’re also suckers for three-part harmony. When we find that combination in a capella form, it simply can’t be ignored.

This selection checks off a couple of boxes. For one, since it’s Bob Marley’s birthday this week, the mission was to find a unique cover of one of his popular songs. Check. It’s also important to find a video that deserves many more views. Double check.

T Sisters (L to R): Chloe, Erika, and Rachel Tietjen

The T Sisters are a 3-piece vocal group from the San Francisco Bay area made up of siblings Chloe, Erika and Rachel Tietjen. Billed as “indie-folk/Americana music,” The T Sisters have a solid body of work to their credit. The ladies have several original records available on their website, including a couple of live recordings. But it’s this week’s cover that got our attention.

Like the rest of the smart musicians in the world, the T Sisters have been live streaming during the pandemic, and there are a good number of those recordings to peruse on their YouTube channel. There are also some originals, some holiday fun, and a handful of wonderfully performed covers.

Any singing family will tell you that there’s no comparison to harmonizing with your blood relatives (check the Bee Gees documentary for some evidence). These ladies prove that to be true in spades.

The blend of these three voices is sublime. It often sounds like one single voice spreading out into all harmonic possibilities. It’s the aural equivalent of a full rainbow. Each sister gets their chance to shine in the spotlight as well, proving that they each have the goods on their own.

Watch the T Sisters cover of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” below. If you don’t realize it already, the trio will make you believe that every little thing’s gonna be alright.

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