Robert and Toyah Fripp “Rack” Up Views With Cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”

When you find something that works, it's in your best interest to keep doing it.King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp and his wife Toyah have been busy since the covid lockdown. The couple has produced dozens of videos; some musically inspired, and other just flat out wacky. Learn How To Sing Better!Last week, the husband and wife... Read more

“Take It Easy” Eagles Cover by Briana Payne—Video of the Week 01/18/21

The Eagles' Glenn Frey died five years ago today. The singer/guitarist was one half of arguably one of the greatest songwriting duos of the rock era. The band's Greatest Hits album—containing classics such as "Lyin' Eyes," "Desperado," and "Tequila Sunrise"–was the single best selling album of the 20th century in the United States.While the band's... Read more

“Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” Elton John Cover by C.J. Marvin—Video of the Week 01/11/21

I never know how to properly convey how excited I get when I find a great artist. I generally refer to the fact that even though I've been a musician for nearly four decades, I'm first and foremost a music FAN. But it's more than that.Discovering a new talent is the ultimate joy for me.... Read more

Hall & Oates Hotline Offers Callers Emergency Help

Have you ever found yourself needing to hear a Hall & Oates song right now!? I know you have, and you're in luck.In an age where we consume music through streaming services by something as simple as a voice request, it's pleasantly funny to find a throwback method of sorts with a novelty factor thrown... Read more

Musicians Facing Desperate Times with No Stimulus and No Work

"We need help yesterday."That is the common cry for hundreds of thousands of out-of-work musicians that has been heard for months now.For most musicians who would normally be working full-time, or at least relying on gigs as their primary source of income, it's been since mid-March that they've played a show. Some have played pick-up... Read more

Rockin’ the Lockdown: One Band’s Adventures with Live Streaming During a Global Pandemic

The following is a guest post from the bass player of The Teraways—a cover band from Ireland who took advantage of technology and adapted during a challenging time.We're a family band. We started out jamming around at home, husband as singer and guitarist and wife on bass and harmonies, and when our son was 15... Read more

Vocal Duo Films A New Music Video Every Day For 100 Days During Quarantine

2020 has hit the entertainment world hard. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting everyone on the planet, people have been mostly relegated to staying home since mid-March. This "new normal" has especially burdened musicians—who found themselves without any open venues to perform shows.While some musicians have been able to secure socially distant gigs, most have had... Read more

Facebook Clears Up Confusion Around October Update and Music Guidelines for Live Streaming

During the last week or so, musicians all over the internet have been in a panic when news got around that Facebook's music guidelines were changing on October 1st, and nobody would be allowed to live stream their shows or post music videos without risking their videos being removed or their accounts being deleted.. Thankfully,... Read more

Dark Times For Musicians As Facebook’s Newest Music Guidelines Clamp Down on Videos and Live Streams

Oh...hey, 2020. You're still here? Seems like you've been hanging around for years. We should have known that starting January off with the death of one of the greatest rock drummers to ever sit behind a kit—Rush's "Professor" Neil Peart—that we were in for a rough ride. But nobody ever expected the struggles that would... Read more

Video of the Week: “What’s Going On” Marvin Gaye Cover by Emily Elbert – 06/01/20

We're all experiencing a tumultuous time in history where every day seems to bring more turmoil and chaos to our everyday lives. With the coronavirus having introduced us to a new way of day-to-day living, and the recent civil unrest due to unnecessary violence, people all over the globe are faced with new challenges.We try... Read more