Jeopardy!™ Gives 6 Tribute Bands Massive Exposure

Some people would consider that once you’re represented as a Jeopardy!™ clue, you’ve “made it.”

For six tribute bands, that very thing happened on the episode that aired on December 3, 2018.

Jeopardy!™ is one of the highest rated syndicated programs — landing just below Family Feud at #2 and Judge Judy in the top spot.

During the first round, host Alex Trebek introduced the six categories in play — one of which was called “Their Tribute Band.”

The clues all named the tribute band, and to get the correct answer, the contestants had to respond with the original band that the tribute band was honoring.

Although Jeopardy!™ clues are notoriously difficult, all of the answers in this category were pretty easy, and the contestants got them all right on the first shot.

The first clue was selected right before the break:

Correct response: Steely Dan

This was the $800 clue.

Mustachioed player and eventual winner Dave Leffler rang in and nailed it.

Nearly Dan is based out of Seattle, Washington and according to their website they “not only play the music of Steely Dan faithfully, but often do it better.”

What do you think?

The rest of the clues were revealed at the end of the first round. Here we present them in the order that they were selected:

The $200 Clue

Correct response: Guns N’ Roses

Nuns N’ Moses are based out of San Diego, California and although they have a Facebook page, there have been no posts on there for about a year-and-a-half, and there is no mention of a website or upcoming dates. With only 320 “Likes” on their page, it’s a mystery how Jeopardy!™ writers found them.

We did find a video where the band covers “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (of course) and a couple members are dressed as nuns (sort of) but there are no Moses’ to be found.

The $400 Clue

Correct response: Earth, Wind, and Fire

This is a bizarre choice.

The clue is incredibly easy, but upon researching the actual group, they’re not actually a tribute band at all.

Hailing from somewhere in London, England, Earth Wind For Hire play a mix of 70’s disco legends and 80’s Soul Legends which possibly include songs by Earth, Wind, and Fire — although that band is never mentioned on their website.

Not sure how they worked their way into this category given the thousands of other tribute bands to choose from, and the fact that they’re not a tribute band.

WTF, Jeopardy!™ writers?

See for yourself if they’re worthy of such amazing publicity:

The $600 Clue

Correct response: The Grateful Dead

Let’s start with Better Off Dead.

This was the only band of the six that celebrated their Jeopardy!™ appearance on their Facebook Page.

These guys are from Maryland and have an active gig schedule.

Below is one of the videos from You Tube. You might like it if you’re a Grateful dead fan.

Next is Terrapin — a Dead band based out of Greenwich, Connecticut.

These guys are fairly active with a bunch of upcoming dates and over 7,000 “Likes” on their Facebook Page.

They have dozens of videos to choose from for your viewing and listening pleasure, but I chose this one because it’s short and pretty cool and I don’t really know any Grateful Dead songs (besides “Truckin” which is disappointingly absent).

The $1000 Clue

This should be the hardest one…right?

Judge for yourself. See if you know the answer without peeking.

Correct response: Abba

Bjorn Again seems to be to be the most active out of our sextuplet.

The Melbourne, Australia outfit have an audience of over 80k on their Facebook Page and a slew of upcoming dates for the next 8 months.

They’re touted by their manager as one of the most successful tribute bands of all time, they play to packed stadiums across the globe, and are even endorsed by Abba themselves.

No wonder they were the $1000 clue!

Watch their promo video below:

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