“Right Now” Van Halen Cover by These Guys Live—Video of the Week 10/12/20

With the recent passing of guitar legend Eddie Van Halen, we just had to find a good VH cover to feature this week. After spending hours scrolling through YouTube videos—mostly coming across individuals trying to replicate Eddie’s solos—we came up empty.

But then, by some divine intervention, it occurred to us that we had featured a band six years ago that did an amazing cover of “Right Now.” This band is comprised of some top notch players, and they’re still out there killing it. Ladies and gentleman, please meet These Guys Live. 

When we first decided to start featuring bands for Cover Band Central way back in the beginning, we were looking for musicians who we felt really had the goods and would be sticking around for the long haul. With These Guys Now, it turns out we had a good eye. The band was formed in 2007, and is still playing in and around Columbus, Ohio to this day.

It doesn’t appear much has changed since we did that feature (which you can read here), other than the rhythm section’s newest members. But the core remains the same; most notably the stellar vocals of Michael Doctor.

Although lots of bands cover Van Halen, the songs are not that easy. It takes proficient musicians to pull off Eddie’s sound and licks, Alex Van Halen’s intricate percussion, and even Michael Anthony’s solid bass lines. But These Guys Live are comprised of seasoned players who take their jobs seriously, and clearly put love and passion into performing.

No band can stick around for 13+ years without dedication to the craft, and this band deserves recognition—again—as a perfect example of perseverance. This industry can be difficult, especially in 2020 with gigs cancelled for most bands. But These Guys Live have stuck it out, and are still playing to this day. Check out their Facebook Page for more info, and watch the amazing rendition of Van Halen’s “Right Now” below.

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