5 Reasons Why Musicians Should Be Using Facebook Live Right Now

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Marketing, Tips & Tricks

Unless you’ve been living completely off the grid for the last six months, you know that internet behemoth Facebook launched its Live function for all to use anytime they choose. The social media leader is aggressively promoting this feature through numerous television ads that encourage the everyday person to invite the world into their unfiltered, real-time life.

Some people will balk at the idea of becoming a voyeur’s entertainment, but for musicians, this opportunity is huge.

There is no way to overstate this. Facebook boasts over a billion users. That is a large percentage of humans walking the planet. Musicians now have the chance to promote themselves all over the world at the push of a button—for free.

Below are specific reasons why you should be using this NOW as much as possible if you are a musician. This is going to be much bigger than it already is very soon, so there’s no time to waste.

1. Instant Worldwide Reach

There has never been a way to reach so many people instantly in the history of mankind. This is probably the best thing that has happened for musicians since the invention of the electric guitar.

Anytime you play; whether it’s a gig, rehearsal, or just goofing off, you can click “Go Live” on your phone and connect with new people 24/7. There is no downside to this. It costs you no money or time. It will do nothing but serve you.

People you would never otherwise meet, people who would never hear of you any other way, people who speak different languages—they will all have access and ability to connect with your entire musical world online right away. And if they like you, they will do just that.

2. Your Fan Base Will Grow


There is something about you and your playing that is unique. Whether you’re gigging solo, as a duo, or with a full band, there will people that dig what you’re doing.

If you’re going live from your Page, people that are watching will engage with your post by commenting, liking, and sharing. If you know even just a little bit about how Facebook works, you know that those actions will bring in new people every time.

3. You Can Promote Gigs and Sell Your Stuff

Just like you would at a show, you can promote anything and everything to a captive internet audience. Here are a few examples:

  • Your next show
  • Your next live broadcast
  • Your CD or recordings available online
  • Merchandise
  • Your website

Anything you want.

Businesses spend millions to reach a large consumer base to sell their products or services. You don’t have to spend a dime. The only limits are the one you set. The possibilities are really endless.

4. Real-Time Interaction

Nothing is more exciting for a musician than the thrill of immediate positive feedback. When you’re playing a gig and people are dancing, smiling, and singing along, it makes you feel good. When someone comes up to stage and tells you how much they like you or your band, any of the challenges that come along with gigging seem worth it.

With Facebook Live, you can still enjoy that same interpersonal experience with people that aren’t even there. Fans with shower the screen with hearts and thumbs-ups, give you props, make requests, and get to know you as if they were standing right in front of the stage.

As the performer, you have a golden opportunity to call out folks by name and thank them, answer their questions, and acknowledge anything they have to say. This keeps people engaged, watching, and sharing. When people like something, they love telling other people. And you can be an active participant in all of this in real time.

5. It’s Fun!

If you haven’t tried live streaming yet and you’re a bit skeptical about the whole idea, your doubts will disappear as soon as you do it.

You can’t help but smile and feel good when people you know start watching you play. And when you start seeing people that you’ve never met or heard of virtually clapping during your performance, you’ll be hooked.

There is nothing to lose by trying this and playing with it. And playing anything is fun. That’s why it’s called playing.

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  1. You get to wear sunglasses indoors without anyone questioning your sanity.
  2. Your office attire consists of leather jackets and ripped jeans.
  3. The only deadlines you have are for getting to the gig on time, and even that’s a stretch.
  4. Your job perks include free drinks, adoring fans, and the occasional hotel room trashing.

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