These Guys Live – Cover Band Central “Spotlight Artist of the Week”

It isn’t always important to have great, professional musicians in a band. Many cover bands can get by just by playing crowd-pleasing songs and having an entertaining show without being incredibly proficient at their instruments. However, it’s a real treat to stumble upon a cover band that takes their job seriously enough to learn songs... Read more

The Elevators – Cover Band Central “Spotlight Artist of the Week” 03/25/14

In just about every town, every state and most countries in the world, you’ll find cover bands slogging along, playing regular shows for comparatively very little money, sometimes to very few people. But just because a group isn’t always packing rooms doesn’t necessarily diminish its level of talent. In fact, it’s not rare to stumble upon... Read more

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Cover Band Is Not Successful

All around the world, there are tens of thousands of musicians that play covers. The presentations vary considerably including, but not limited to – wedding bands, tribute bands, corporate bands, party bands, top 40 bands, bar bands, acoustic happy hour solo artists, and weekend warriors – and most play on a regular or at least... Read more