Eager Woman Wants to Request Song But Can’t Remember Title or Artist

"Y'know it's that song? By that guy? I know you guys know it!"Ashley was normally pretty reserved, but she had several cosmos in her and was feeling brazen. "I'm gonna go request a song!" she informed the rest of the bachelorette party. "Oooo oooo," blurted the bride-to-be's trashy cousin Melissa. "Make 'em play that song... Read more

Local Cover Band Advertising Gig in Random Facebook Groups Surprised that Nobody Showed Up

"Fuck!" exclaimed Lance Alot, singer of mediocre local bar band Dangling Duty."I know I shared this event with at least a dozen Facebook Groups! Why isn't anybody here?"The band had been preparing for months for this show - getting together two-and-a-half times to rehearse."Well, it would have been a full three times, but (rhythm guitar... Read more

A Trip to Guitar Center

For any musician, going to the music store is akin to a child visiting FAO Schwartz - the legendary New York City toy store that was featured in the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks.They is so much to play with!It takes an extreme amount of focus and discipline to head into Guitar Center and refrain... Read more

Top 10 Reasons Why Drummers Rule

I’m not a drummer. But I’m pretty sure that I could play fairly okay if I had a kit and put in some work. A lot of other musicians would say the same thing, because knowing how to play an instrument with proficiency requires that you understand how to maintain a tempo.But of course, there’s... Read more

Top 10 Reasons Why Bass Players Rule

Every stereo ever made has an option to adjust the bass. There's no guitar knob. You won't find a way to make the drums louder. The singer's output is set and out of your control. But the bass...you can turn up the bass. Nobody turns it down.It takes a special kind of person to be... Read more