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Advertise With Us!

Cover Band Central is the worldʼs largest source of news, information and reviews for musicians playing in cover bands. CBC prides itself on its expert, non-biased reviews and our team of writers who are, without a doubt, the most experienced in the business. Their entertaining and informed writings reach over 10,000 individuals a month and those numbers are growing rapidly.

CBC’s message board and FaceBook page is by far the most active in the cover band community and is one of the most active of its kind on the net. We have thousands of active users and hundreds of people logged in and conversing at any time. Itʼs a dynamic, expanding community that is professionally moderated and monitored to ensure a welcoming and friendly environment for new and experienced musicians.

CBC also reaches even more people through its podcasts and videos and stays accessible to its readers through Twitter and Facebook.

Why Advertise with Cover Band Central?

1. You’ll Reach More Potential Customers – We are currently have approximately 10,000 individual readers a month.

2. The Internet is Global – While CBC originates in America; we reach potential customers from all over the world. CBC is especially popular in Europe where as many as 30% of our readers hail from.

3. The Internet Works – Most of CBC’s regular advertisers have reported excellent results. Nearly everyone who has purchased an ad with Cover Band Central has renewed, often increasing the size of their commitment. CBC’s readers are very loyal and often use sponsorship as a factor in their buying decisions.

4. Cover Band Central is Respected – We’re proud to say that we maintain a friendly and professional relationship with nearly every major manufacturer in the industry. We usually have no problems at all obtaining information and test products. People know that you don’t have to buy an ad to get a good review on Cover Band Central.

5. We’re Still Growing – Cover Band Central is still far from reaching the peak of its popularity. We are constantly adding new content and features to make CBC more valuable to its readers.


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