Video of the Week: “What’s Going On” Marvin Gaye Cover by Emily Elbert – 06/01/20

We’re all experiencing a tumultuous time in history where every day seems to bring more turmoil and chaos to our everyday lives. With the coronavirus having introduced us to a new way of day-to-day living, and the recent civil unrest due to unnecessary violence, people all over the globe are faced with new challenges.

We try to stay on top of the pulse of what’s happening in the world and channel out energies with music in any way we can. The song featured this week is a Marvin Gaye classic that was written in 1971 during the Vietnam war, and served as one of Gaye’s biggest and most enduring hits. Today it represents the pain and confusion of people everywhere—particularly the African-American community who have dealt with untold suffering for decades..

Our pick this week is brought to you by a young lady named Emily Elbert from Los Angeles, California. The YouTube clip only has 136k views even though it was published four years ago. These are the types of videos that we look for—the ones that are deserving yet have not reached the masses.

Miss Elbert shows a musical maturity far beyond her years with this rendition. Her Facebook Page characterizes her style as “Soul-folk music made in love, introspection, connection, and celebration,” and we can’t think of a better way to describe her sound. Her vocals are sweet and soulful, and her guitar playing is as fluid as any pro you’ll hear.

Click on the video and give it a listen. For more about Emily Elbert, visit her Facebook Page here.

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