Lenny Francis

Love the site! First found out about it from the GigGab podcast when Steve was a guest. So much great stuff for cover band musicians!

Joe Salerno

Your page/posts are a great pick-me-up in an industry full of people knockin' us down and tryin' to pay us less. Good to know there's others out there still pushin' back. Thank you!

Dani Dee

I'm a lead singer in a duo and it's our first year professionally. Cover Band Central has some really good tips to help us along.

Rick Roland

Great positive views of cover bands and musicians. I always recommend that my musician friends check out Cover Band Central and join in the fun!

Terry Melzer

This is a great page to learn from your peers. The tricks and tips freely provided by other members and by the Page Admins are priceless. With the help of this page and the members we just reached over 300 likes on our Facebook Page! Thank You CBC!

Marianne Ashcroft

This is a great page of resources for cover band players all over the world. I feel like I'm part of an international community of musicians and though there's issues that are different in other places there are many things that unite us all.

Jim Jacobs

They've created a wonderful site for both the Cover Band working musician and all the people that are starting out or just enjoying the music industry.
I have been in cover bands for the better part of 40 years. I enjoy this site a lot. So many good people are involved.

David Reel

This is a great forum for information, learning, and just laughs! I've talked to some very educated musicians here. Good people!