“Slow Burn” Kacey Musgraves Cover by Marie Digby—Video of the Week 01/04/21

New year. New outlook on life. There’s no need to rush into anything. Let’s take our time.

Lots of folks don’t want to admit it, or are even unaware that it’s the thing, but the fact is that the internet is the best way to get your music out there in 2021. There are thousands of musicians making a living playing covers by uploading to You Tube, Spotify, itunes, Amazon music, etc.

The trials of 2020 have forced musicians to find new ways to keep playing, keep reaching fans, and hopefully make some scratch. If you’re one of the ambitous that took action…good on you. But there are many who have a long head start. One such singer is a young lady from Los Angeles, California named Marie Digby.

Digby got her start on YouTube in 2007 uploading a series of covers where she sang, played guitar on some songs and keyboards on others. She broke out with her seventh upload—an acoustic cover of Rihanna’s Grammy award winning hit “Umbrella” while it was at its peak. The clip garnered Digby millions of views (22 million as of this writing), and was aired on radio and MTV’s The Hills.

14 years later in 2021, Digby has nearly half a million followers on Facebook, 350k subscribers on her You Tube channel, and hundreds of videos of covers and originals to choose from. She can play guitar and piano, but she’s no virtuoso. The thing that shines with this woman is her voice.

Her song selection is all over the musical map—from Sheryl Crow to Maroon 5, from Lady Gaga to Usher—Digby delivers a sweet, fluid nuance to every interpretation.

We searched for a cover of this song on purpose to start the year. After the craziness of 2020, we thing it’s best to stop worrying about everything and enjoy every moment by slowing down. 

Check out Marie Digby’s cover of Kacey Musgraves’ “Slow Burn” below, and be sure to share this article!

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