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Here at CBC, we like to celebrate those artists who have inspired us. Many have great quotes that we can learn from and live by. Scroll through to find your favorite.

Tina Turner quote
Tina Turner

Tom Morello quote
Tom Morello

Tom Petty Quote
Tom Petty


Tom Petty quote
Tom Petty

Tom Waits quote
Tom Waits

Tommy Dorsey quote
Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Lee Quote
Tommy Lee


Tony Iommi quote
Tony Iommi

Tori Kelly quote
Tori Kelly

Travis Barker quote
Travis Barker

Trent Reznor quote
Trent Reznor


Ty Tabor Quote
Ty Tabor of King’s X

Usher quote

Vanessa Hudgens quote
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Williams quote
Vanessa Williams