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Here at CBC, we like to celebrate those artists who have inspired us. Many have great quotes that we can learn from and live by. Scroll through to find your favorite.

Axl Rose quote
Axl Rose

Barbara Streisand quote
Barbara Streisand

Barry White Quote
Barry White

B.B. King Quote
B.B. King


Ludwig Van Beethoven quote
Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ben Harper quote
Ben Harper

Benny Goodman quote
Benny Goodman


Bette Midler quote
Bette Midler

Bill Haley quote
Bill Haley

Bill Wyman quote
Bill Wyman

Billie Holiday quote
Billie Holiday


Billie Joe Armstrong quote
Billie Joe Armstrong

Billy Corgan quote
Billy Corgan

Billy Idol quote
Billy Idol

Billy Joel quote
Billy Joel