June 19th is International Cover Band Day!

All around the world, wherever you go, there are musicians playing covers.

Whether it be in a wedding band, a tribute act, a classic rock group at the corner bar, a variety band at a casino, a backyard party, or a busker on the street corner – every musician at one time or another has played a cover song.

On June 19th, 2013, we launched the Cover Band Central Facebook Group – the very first gathering of its kind on the internet.

Our goal was to reach as many musicians around the globe who play covers in any capacity.

The vision was validated as the Facebook Group quickly grew, and the Facebook Page and subsequent website followed suit.

Eight years after the genesis of this idea, an average of 10 million people in this community are reached every week!!

It’s our nature to celebrate things, and with that in mind, we have declared June 19th as International Cover Band Day!

An application has been filed with National Day Calendar to make it official-official. But until it’s approved, we have decided to go ahead and make it official anyway!

So celebrate this day!

If you play in a cover band, share this with everyone you know.

If you’re a fan of cover bands, share your favorite band or video clip.

This is about celebrating music and musicians.

Celebrate today!

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