Jeopardy!™ Gives Tribute Bands Massive Exposure…Again!

by | Apr 23, 2021 | News

Back in December of 2018 when Alex Trebek was still manning the podium, Jeopardy!™ included a category titled “Their Tribute Band” which featured clues about real-life tribute bands, and the contestants had to figure out the artist being honored.

The unstoppable game show will often repeat categories, but they are usually general ones like Geography, Actors & Actresses, and Potent Potables. But seldom will watchers find a niche’ topic come up again…at least not so quickly.

However, on April 22, 2021, lightning struck twice for bands to receive incredible free publicity as guest host Anderson Cooper announced the category “Tribute Bands” in the first round. The concept was the same; the name of the tribute band is in the clue, and the contestant had to guess who they are paying tribute to.

These were all painfully easy, but that’s not the point. Jeopardy!™ is still one of the highest rated game shows on television, even after the passing of Trebek. These clues reach millions of eyes and ears, and that kind of exposure is not something most bands ever receive.

After the show aired, we did some digging to see what each of these bands is up to these days. Join us as we investigate further.

The $200 Clue

Correct Answer: Judas Priest

Speaking of exposure….

Yes, it’s a real band…or at least…was. This is the only band of the five that is not currently active. According to their Facebook Page, it looks like they put their clothes back on in 2017.

There’s not too much info about the boys on the internet, but they did cause a stir in the early 2000s as they really did play Judas Priest songs fully naked at live shows.

Perhaps not the best musicians, they made up for it with the novelty of the act, and had an enthusiastic fan base for a bit.

The video below can only be viewed on YouTube due to the graphic nature of middle aged men “delivering the goods” on stage. But fear not, the naughty bits are blurred out. Watch if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

The $400 Clue

Correct Answer: Joy Division

Well, duh. We must confess, we don’t really know much about this band. But the tribute band seems to be doing pretty well. With post-lockdown gigs in Southern California, these guys are staying busy on the club scene.

There’s no mention (yet) on their Facebook Page that they were featured on Jeopardy!™, but perhaps that gift will give these guys some added credibility to their mission.

The $600 Clue

Correct Answer: The Killers

Based out of the UK, The Fillers are a wildly popular and highly active tribute band. Even in the pandemic age, The Fillers have over a dozen tour dates scheduled for the remainder of the year, and boast over 10k followers on their Facebook Page.

Even though The Killers are a relatively new-ish band, this tribute act is commanding huge audiences throughout England. Check out their rendition of one of the band’s biggest hits “Mr.Brightside” below, and see if you can tell the difference.

The $800 Clue

Correct Answer: Phil Collins & Genesis

Based out of Germany, this 7-piece outfit has been wowing audiences since 1996. According to the band’s website, Still Collins has played over 1,400 shows, and their 2021/2022 calendar is already full.

There are only a handful of videos available on the web, but the clips posted represent a professional group who are commanding huge audiences. The band is solid, but in this case it’s all about the vocals. This singer doesn’t sound exactly like the real deal, but he comes pretty darn close. Check out the cover of “Land of Confusion” below:

The $1000 Clue

Correct Answer: U2

Perhaps the most successful tribute band of the lot, Unforgettable Fire has been around since 1995, and continue to thrill crowds with their authentic re-creation of the U2 concert experience.

Lending heavily to the band’s credibility was the appearance of The Edge and Adam Clayton on stage at The Cutting Room in New York City during UF’s 20th anniversary party (check out the video here).

There aren’t too many live videos of Unforgettable Fire online, but we did find this gem of the band performing the 1980 hit “I Will Follow” from U2’s debut album Boy. Check it out below.

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