How to Search for Topics in the Cover Band Central Facebook Group

With the Cover Band Central Facebook Group now closing in on 60,000 members, we thought we’d share a couple of videos that we made in 2018 to help people navigate the content.

There are a slew of topics that have been discussed over and over again, and there are a ton of resources and answers from veteran musicians. Hundreds of thousands of previous posts lay in the archives for your perusal. Think of it as an entire library of valuable music information.

The search functions on Facebook aren’t always easy to locate, and there is a very small percentage of users who take advantage of this feature. But once you learn the operation and options, it becomes an essential tool to streamline your information gathering.

You may think that you know how it works, but you may also not be aware of how effective it can be by zeroing in on a topic. The method is slightly clunky, but these videos will show you how to navigate the whole thing step-by-step, and cover every option to make sure you find what you’re looking for.

This first video shows you how to search if you’re using a desktop or laptop computer. It walks you through the entire process…so it’s a good idea to open another tab and play along.

This second video below demonstrates how to use the search function in the Cover Band Central Facebook Group on a mobile device. It walks you through the process using an Android phone, but the same should apply for an iphone.

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