The Blue Cheese Wednesday Night Jam

8:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Category: Blues

The Crown Inn
Roneo Corner, 360 Hornchurch Road
London, England RM12 4TW

Free and easy, relaxed Jam Night. Free Entry for both audience and jammers. Mostly Blues/Rhythm&Blues/Blues Rock, Soul, and Rock that Rolls but they’ll truly try anything – , Pop, Country, Jazz, Swing, Funk, Ska, all kinds of Rock, Latin and more – if the band don’t know it, they’ll sort it out by the end of the song!

This is the same legendary Jam Night that previously took place on a Thursday at The Golden Lion for 25 years.
Still hosted by The Blue Cheese Band – an evolving Collective of accomplished and passionate players, originally founded by the late, great Bob Marks back in the mists of time. All excellent musicians many of whom will swap instruments at the slightest provocation, they are friendly, generous, supportive and encouraging. They don’t take themselves too seriously and are all about the music and keeping it real.

Both Jammers and audience represent a wide age-range from Bright Young Things to Hoary Old Veterans. There are no special facilities for children but they are welcome in the pub (and sometimes on the stage 🙂 ).

Full PA/back-line, drums and keyboards available, bring your own sticks, sax or axe etc. and join in the fun!
Any instrument welcome – including those not normally associated with Blues and Rock – we’ve previously had flutes, ukes, mandolins, trumpets, banjos, kettle drums and violins as well as the more usual singers, drummers, guitarists, bassists, pianists, saxophonists and harmonica players.
No rigid set up, you won’t have to book a slot or do a ‘Party Piece’ (unless you want to). All ability levels welcome – if you can play or sing to a reasonable standard and you want to have a go, you’re in. You can do anything from bringing your whole band to take over the stage for a couple of numbers, to noodling around at the back of it along to whatever the band happen to be playing at the time. Or you can sack off the band completely and get up there alone open-mic stylee. Just grab one of the band or wave your instrument around when you arrive to let them know you’re up to jam.

Appreciative, supportive and fun-loving audience of genuine music-lovers who revel in the fact that anything can happen and often does. Very friendly and inclusive regulars, always ready to welcome new faces. Feel free to bring a tambourine or other ‘Shaky Things’ and join in with the band.

Unexpected gems in previous years have included: 7 different sizes of sax turning up on the same night and doing The Peter Gunn Theme together, an up-and-coming American rapper stopping off on his way home from a record company meeting to perform ‘The Message’ with Bob, keyboards being played (well) with flip-flops and bare toes, a violinist taking on the blues and winning and the whole audience becoming one giant percussion section.

A “Jam for The People” in a long established old-school Live Music Pub run by a music orientated Landlord & Landlady.
Come and be part of the next spontaneous ‘moment’!

See video of the Jam at: www.facebook.com/bluecheesers/videos/
And Photos at: www.facebook.com/bluecheesers/photos/
Check out the Blue Cheesers Facebook Page at: www.facebook.com/bluecheesers/