Cover Band Central V.I.P.

Take Your Cover Band To The Next Level

We’ve listened to your suggestions, and we’ve taken action.

Introducing the new Cover Band Central Musicians group!

This new chapter is an important step in the growth of this worldwide community, and will provide a forum for people who take playing music seriously.

No longer will you have to weed through event invites, repetitive topics, rude or inappropriate behavior, or that same meme again.

In addition to providing a more user-friendly environment, this will be an opportunity for all of us to give back.

25% of all proceeds for the lifetime of this group will be donated to VH1’s Save the Music Foundation.

This charity organization partners with local communities and local school districts to revitalize and build sustainable music programs. They achieve this goal by investing schools, supporting teachers, and advocating for music education.

Some other benefits of being a part of the group:

✔ More live feeds from CBC founder Steve Witschel
✔ A community of like-minded musicians who wish to learn and teach
✔ Tips, tricks, and resources that will only be available in the membership group.

Get Access For Only $9.99/Month

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To cancel a subscription,
email steve@coverbandcentral.com