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Craig-Drums- Rearviewmirror
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Sup cover brothers and sisters.

So I am Craig, drummer for Rearviewmirror- grunge tribute out of Miami FL. Here is what you hear me use (yeah, this is the gigs kit!):

DW Custom (1997)
Pork Pie lil squealer snare (13)
Zildjian cymbals (A cust crashes, new beat 14s, orientals)
DW pedals (double 5000 w hardcore beaters)
DW 9000 remote hi hat, mounted centrally
Roland SPD sx w foot trigger

The toms are in reverse order so they can be lower and to the right, over the kick. This order serendipitously helps for songs by tool and alice in chains.

The heads are all evans (HD dry snare, onyx tom batter)

Oh, I do have an agazarian stack next to the z splash.

I use pro mark super rocks (747 oak, wt)

I like having all the "colors"available to me, so to speak, and I have the carpet marked with day glow green glue gun, outlining the pedal and stand placement, using coordinating dots to align symmetrical pieces.

So far we have been well recieved in this sea of skynard and journey coverbands here in SoFla. So feel free to critique/ compliment/ flame... Cheers

Posted : 13/09/2018 2:30 pm
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I'd post a pic if I could figure out how to post a pic!! I don't see a way to upload a pic when I click on a thread. What am I doing wrong?

Posted : 28/09/2018 10:37 am