5 Reasons Why Musicians Should Be Using Facebook Live Right Now

Unless you’ve been living completely off the grid for the last six months, you know that internet behemoth Facebook launched its Live function for all to use anytime they choose. The social media leader is aggressively promoting this feature through numerous television ads that encourage the everyday person to invite the world into their unfiltered,... Read more

10 Tips for Playing a Cover Song

Although I've never counted, I can guess with confidence that I've learned and played well over a thousand different cover songs in my career.I have a specific system that has developed over time that has proven effective for me in maintaining a career as a professional musician.Master the fundamentals below and you'll be able to... Read more

Common Mistakes Musicians Make With YouTube Videos…and How To Fix Them

You Tube is the third most popular website in the world, and the fourth most popular in the United States, behind only Amazon (3), Facebook (2), and Google at the top slot – according to Alexa.com. More than 1 billion unique users visit You Tube every month. One billion. Every month. So yeah, it’s very popular…and it’s here... Read more

10 Perks of Playing in a Wedding Band

When I started Cover Band Central, I had played in almost every variation of a cover band. I've worked extensively in classic rock bands, had long stints in a couple of blues bands, gigged with an all female dance outfit, played with party bands at casinos and festivals, covered Country and R&B, performed for vocal... Read more