Chicken on the Bone – Cover Band Central “Spotlight Artist of the Month” – November 2018

There are certain crucial aspects to running a cover band that make them stand out. In a city where there is live music everywhere, it’s not easy to compete for a crowd. A band has to employ the right mix of song selection, image, energy, and especially the know-how to entertain an audience. One of... Read more

Watch local cover band artist sing duet with Kip Winger

It’s a rare opportunity when a fan gets to meet one of their childhood heroes.It’s even far more unlikely that someone gets a chance to sing on stage with someone they’ve admired from afar.But Friday night, that’s exactly what happened for New Jersey singer Wendy Horn. Wendy Horn and Kip Winger Despite enjoying mega-success in... Read more

How to Audition for a Gig – 8 Important Things You Must Do

Have you ever heard or seen a band and thought to yourself, "I'm better than that!"Most musicians have experienced this feeling at some point.One of the (many) reasons that some players get the gig is that they got started off on the right foot.It's not always the best musicians that secures the job. Quite often,... Read more

12 Perks of Playing in a Cover Band

In the musician community at large, players that perform covers are kinda considered the "black sheep" of the family. Although there are thousands of musicians that play covers in one capacity or another, the practice is still somewhat frowned upon by many musicians.Well, my friend, I'm here to tell you that playing covers is not... Read more

Rockbox – Cover Band Central “Spotlight Artist of the Month” – October 2018

When people visit New Orleans, they expect to be exposed to the iconic cultural music for which the city is famous. The Big Easy is well-known as the birthplace of jazz – and has also been heavily influenced by zydeco and delta blues.What’s not commonly known, however, is that there is a thriving community of... Read more

Rock Against Bullying: Musicians Rally to Support 12-Year Oregon Boy

According to StopBullying.gov, one-in-four students say they have been bullied at school, and that amount has risen to one out of every three kids in the United States.And those numbers are based on children who actually admit it.Growing up is difficult enough—especially at the middle school level. Your body is going through massive changes, you’re required... Read more