Live Streaming Made Easy: A Musician’s Guide to Facebook Live

With the sudden and tragic outbreak of the coronavirus in March of 2020, many musicians all over the world found themselves without a gig. Shows were cancelled abruptly, tours were suspended, weddings postponed, and the music world was turned upside-down overnight.Relegated to performing from their homes, musicians quickly turned to the internet to find a... Read more

Eager Woman Wants to Request Song But Can’t Remember Title or Artist

"Y'know it's that song? By that guy? I know you guys know it!"Ashley was normally pretty reserved, but she had several cosmos in her and was feeling brazen. "I'm gonna go request a song!" she informed the rest of the bachelorette party. "Oooo oooo," blurted the bride-to-be's trashy cousin Melissa. "Make 'em play that song... Read more

Local Cover Band Advertising Gig in Random Facebook Groups Surprised that Nobody Showed Up

"Fuck!" exclaimed Lance Alot, singer of mediocre local bar band Dangling Duty."I know I shared this event with at least a dozen Facebook Groups! Why isn't anybody here?"The band had been preparing for months for this show - getting together two-and-a-half times to rehearse."Well, it would have been a full three times, but (rhythm guitar... Read more

25 Killer Halloween Cover Band Party Songs

25 Killer Halloween Cover Band Party Songs

For musicians and cover bands, Halloween season is one of the best times of year. Holiday party gig opportunities start popping up, and people tend to start going out for live entertainment more often and in greater numbers.While it's rare that your set list for the gig will include only Halloween-themed songs (although it can... Read more

New Feature – Video of the Week!

We're psyched to introduce you to our new feature - Video of the Week!Every Monday we will select a clip that displays many of the essential qualities for success that we focus on here at CBC.We're looking for good musicianship, a professional performance, quality recording, and a unique, interesting or excellent song selection.Videos can be... Read more


Watch kid band Liliac cover Dio’s “Holy Diver”

In the age of EDM, DJs, hip-hop, and auto-tune, it's refreshing to see some of the younger generation embracing the rock music from their parents' catalogue, and even taking things further by picking up a guitar. Los Angeles based band Liliac is made up of three brothers and two sisters...all who are proficient at their... Read more