10 Perks of Playing in a Wedding Band

When I started Cover Band Central, I had played in almost every variation of a cover band. I've worked extensively in classic rock bands, had long stints in a couple of blues bands, gigged with an all female dance outfit, played with party bands at casinos and festivals, covered Country and R&B, performed for vocal... Read more

10 Easy Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Music Page

There are several responsibilities when it comes to playing music in a band. You need to book gigs, write or pick the right songs, rehearse, buy and maintain expensive equipment, travel (sometimes far)…and much more. One of the most crucial aspects, though, is building and cultivating a fan base. And one of the easiest ways... Read more

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Cover Band Is Not Successful

All around the world, there are tens of thousands of musicians that play covers. The presentations vary considerably including, but not limited to – wedding bands, tribute bands, corporate bands, party bands, top 40 bands, bar bands, acoustic happy hour solo artists, and weekend warriors – and most play on a regular or at least... Read more