The CBC Wizdumb Hour #74

The CBC Wizdumb Hour Podcast #74

This week has a recap of Steve’s gigs from the past week and they discuss how much of a difference it makes when you change just one member of a band.

They also pose the question: Should you bring your own flair as a fill-in musician, or should you stick to the original parts as much as possible.

The guys also go through the video of the Top 20 Bass Guitar Intros of all time (video is down below if you want to check it out for yourself.

Time Stamps For This Episode

02:29 – Smudge the Cat

06:55 – Tony’s bobsled

09:48 – Vernon Valley Alpine Slide

15:12 – Last week’s gigs

17:00 – Different recipes

18:10 – What is really important?

20:08 – Bad habits

29:13 – Brutal honesty

30:05 – Are you serving the song, or are you serving yourself?

32:09 – Omitting parts

34:50 – Oops!

37:20 – 20 Top Bass Intros

51:42 – Sweet Home bandwagon

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